Vision and Mission


To materialize anything we need a dream. Once dream is materialized, then comes vision. Ours vision is to serve the students with lowest fee and giving high quality education. Major part of our country is below poverty line. We meet their educational needs by our fee structure.

Vision has to produce students who bear the stamp of Indian pristine character with deep contemplative - cultural - commitment; to train children to lead a simple, sanctified, balanced and harmonious life. The management of the school proudly boasts of highly qualified, trained and dedicated teachers who work with passionate devotion.


Mission has been to nourish and nurture children to grow to their natural potential; to refine them with rich and time- tested - traditions of Indian culture.

Charter of intent

"Education is one of the most important tools to up lift our humane values". The school had made tremendous progress since its inception. The school remains distinctive as me of the most outstanding non-profit private schools.