Class room

Each class room is very commodious there are well-ventilated with huge windows therefore the class rooms are very illustrious. The class room layout is very classical that the seats are allocated individually. The white boards and bulletin boards placed at vantage points, make learning easier and interesting.

Computers lab - where IT awareness starts

Making computers a familiar sight and a potent weapon for the students to use for fast work. They practise on computer lab equipped with state-of-the-art systems.

Science lab - Alive with real action

Going beyond mere academics, we provide students the practical touch through our well equipped science lab where all facilities are available for experiments. A month of dull lectures is equal to one class of experimentation.

Bus facility - the safe way to arrive on time

Safe and easy transport facility is provided to students to reach the school on time from Khammam. Clean buses, well maintained by experienced drivers known for their safe.

Foundation Courses - Real strength for winners

For interested and keen students we offer IIT and Medicine Apart to civil foundation course. Strong education which lays the foundation early enough in school so it remains in its impact throughout a lifetime.

Swimming pool & Skating

Only school in Khammam to provide a professional swimming pool and a full-fledged grade skating ring, Yoga and meditation classes.

Learning and Methodology

We impart education basing on capability of an individual in lower sections. Individual centred system. In this system, it is not common class type. It is not lecture type, more generalised type but personalised one. It is highly pragmatic. Students are encouraged to ask questions. The questions are clarified then and there.

In higher studies 6th to 10th classes, the teaching is based on power point, paper presentation, audio visual and whichever is most suitable. The ultimate goal is that the student should thoroughly understand the lesson.

  1. Power point presentation
  2. Paper
  3. Audio
  4. Visual
  5. Net
  6. Practical demos
  7. Expert's visits.

Learning Methodology

Method-system of principles
Learning at Bomma is very comprehensive and multidimensional. Our teaching practices are oriented to stand with in this highly competitive globe along with self learing interest, New creativity & ability with great strength.

Assessment & Evaluation

Our school runs using state syllabus. In primary sections assessment is done daily. How many grasp something that is taught, to understand. The way they give reply, is a perfect way of assessing.

We have a parents committed meeting. They tell the feedback. It is the best way of understanding a child.


Play way type of education

Small working models
Nursery, opening way to the students beautiful life, here every parent wanted to give good education to their children as it is the exact platform. No doubt we can easily approach their expectations giving them play way type of education, small working models. Highly focusing is on learning by doing.

Curriculum-High School

State syllabus
In the very beginning of the years students are studied core subjects 2013-14 we started IIT foundation which is going on successfully. This year ( 2015-16) with encouragement of parents & well wishers we are going to be instituted CBSE syllabus. From primary level to high school.

  1. Limited students per class
  2. Spacious class rooms
  3. English lab & HCL's

Curriculum – Extra Training

Extra – curricular activities
Activities such as games and sports, quiz, elocution, debates and discussion on current topics and issues in news, creative painting, dances, karate, field trips and excursions are conducted at regular intervals on the eve of celebration of national festivals and other important days. This school has the distinction of winning district level and state level prizes in many of the above activities. School management follows the dictum an inspired and motivated, properly guided and mentored child will exude vibrancy and exhibit all hides talents if empowered in the right time by the right teacher.

Curriculum-future plans

Science labs
"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking" - Albert Einstein.

Science and its descendant, technology has transformed every aspect of human life buy ones our imagination. The team of science teachers inculcate the scientific spirit in young and malleable minds and encourage these budding future scientists, medicos and engineers to explore and experiment their ideas in the laboratory and test their creative skills.

Quiz questions are asked daily from the lesson taught. Quiz is conducted on national festivals like Aug.15, Jan,26 in related subject.

Reading make the a full man - Francis Bacon

Reading must be real source of entertainment students follow teachers Advice and extensively use the books, Magazines, Journals in the library to enhance their knowledge.

Computer lab is regularly frequented by all the students for students realize that they live in an era of computerized-e-life; e- learning-e-commerce etc. school has a well equipped computer lab with internet & Wi-Fi connectivity.