Aims and Objectives

Definition of the Aims and Objectives

Aims are concerned with purpose whereas objectives are concerned with achievement.

Usually an educational objective relates to gaining ability, a skill, some knowledge, a new attitude etc. rather than having merely completed a given task.

Since the achievement of objectives usually takes place during the course .

Our Aims and Objectives of the school

  1. The intellectual development of the child i.e. to encourage his/her use of language. Help the child to learn, stimulate his / her curiosity and lay the foundation for the development of conceptual learning.
  2. The social and emotional development of a child i.e. to help the child to form stable relationships, encourage a sense of responsibility. Self-confidence, independence, self control and child’s consideration for others.
  3. The aesthetic development of the child. i.e. give the child an opportunity to experiment with a variety of material, art and music, encourage the child to be creative and expressive, also awaken in the child a growing awareness and appreciation of beauty.
  4. The physical development of the child, i.e. to help the child to use his/her body effectively by providing space to play, training in personal hygiene and conducting eye and dental checkup.
  5. The creation of an effective transition from home to school i.e. provides mutually supportive conditions for the child’s development both at home and school.
  6. Inculcation of moral values, i.e. to respect teachers & elders and the helping staff, develop team spirit and place others before self.