Why Bomma School

To create an innovative multifaceted dynamic and technology enrich learning, under stress free congenial atmosphere with traditional blends and modern methods

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Our Vision

To materialise anything we need a dream. Once dream is materialised, then comes vision. Ours vision is to serve the students with lowest fee and giving high quality education.

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Our Mission

Mission has been to nourish and nurture children to grow to their natural potential; to refine them with rich and time- tested – traditions of Indian culture.

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Welcome to Bomma Brilliant Grammar School

Bomma School Believes in the popular saying today's children are tomorrow's citizens and leaders. lt is the duty of the management to ensure steps are taken to cultivate excellence is an exacting science with a human face. So for the first day of schooling careful long term planning is crucial for every student and parent.

We believe all of us-parents, teachers and other well-wishers must work on the common goal of producing students with exceptional capabilities who are the pride of the society. The proper ambience makes the difference.

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